Around the City with Daniela Barrella

August 5, 2016

Hello there!

Many of you have already been somewhere for vacation or have planned to visit a city not too far from home, haven't you?

Here's the perfect look that Daniela Barrella (on Instagram @dany_ek) proposes for a tour around the city in the middle of summer.


  • a sporty crop top T-shirt with American dream print,
  • a pair of high waisted denim shorts,
  • classic black and white superstars and
  • our unisex "Woven Backpack" in blue color.


This backpack is ideal to carry anything you need for a summer day sightseeing around the city or for a stylish back-to-school look.


But let me also introduce you to this beautiful young girl, Daniela Barrella.


She was born in Avellino and currently lives in Montoro, just graduated as fashion stylist, is now studying deportment and acting because she's passionate about everything that's around the world of  Fashion, not only drawing and creating but also wearing and modelling.


Her dream is to go to Milan and work as a fashion stylist or for some famous Italian brand.


I also take this opportunity to thank Antonio Borzillo, young and talented photographer based in Avellino, who made this amazing shooting.

His Instagram feed just takes your breath away, because he can capture the mood and express the soul of the subject in a way that it's hard to explain by words, you just have to see those pictures to understand and appreciate his talent.


photo credits ph. Antonio Borzillo

Via Volturno 7/19
Osmannoro 50019
Sesto Fiorentino (FI) – ITALY
Telephone: +39 055 340 646
Whatsapp: +39 328 447 7332
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