From London with Love by Ilaria Rodella

Hi! So glad to show you this amazing shooting by Ilaria Rodella in London, Hyde Park, featuring Diana&co “All You Need Is…Love” clutch bag.

But first of all congratulations to Ilaria for graduating in foreign languages!!! xD

I love to collaborate with people who work hard and passionately!

This time I’ll add some short comments to her pictures, hope you’ll enjoy reading them, if not, at least the pictures are good! 😉

Here above Ilaria adjusting her makeup for this shooting.

Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-LOVE-Dianaco Checking if everything is alright.

Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-Diana&co-pochette-hat Maybe the hat is a little bit out of place.

Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-Diana&co-sunny-day-in-hydepark Looking for the best location in this huge park.

Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-Diana&co-in-London Better sitting, standing or….

Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-Diana&co-London-Hydepark-outfit Leaning against a tree?

Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-Diana&co-HydePark Found the perfect spot! This tree is just what we were looking for 😉

Now let’s be serious, this is one of my favorite shots! Love the light, the colours and the composition. Very well done Ilaria and Alex!

Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-Diana&co-face-close-up- Photo courtesy of Alex Righetto
And this is the shot I chose to represent Ilaria’s outfit of that day:

  • a soft and textured woolen hat,
  • a light grey pullover with lovely decoration of pearls,
  • a black jersey skirt and
  • Diana&co “Love” clutch bag.

Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-Diana&co-clutchbag-skirt Photo courtesy of Alex Righetto

Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-Diana&co-boots Black leather biker boots are always the best companions when travelling.

Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-outdoor-Diana&co At last, some well deserved relax…

Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-Diana&co-relaxing Here Ilaria is regretting for not having a book to read. ;P

If you want to know more about Ilaria’s trip to London and details about her outfit, take a look at her BLOG.

Many thanks to Alex Righetto for sending me these high quality pictures, see more works from him HERE, see how talented he is.

Shop “Love” clutch bag HERE

AllYouNeedIsLove755-1BLACK-NUDE “All You Need is LOVE” clutch bag by Diana&co


Ilaria-Rodella-all-you-need-is-Diana&co Photo courtesy of Ilaria Rodella

Wish you all happy holidays and all the LOVE you need!



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