Late Summer with Romy Baiano and Christian De Santi

Well technically is already autumn but actually it doesn’t really feel like it.

That’s why we can still rock our summer clothes on and enjoy this remaining long sunny days in Italy.


Here above Romy Baiano plays with the strap of her overalls shorts showing the crop-topped t-shirt where there’s an hashtag #PARTY written in large letters.

In her hand Diana&co “Marble Wallet” available online here in black and in white.


Which Romy do you prefer? The one that feels energetic and playful jumping with her sporty casual outfit completed with a pair of worn-out Converse or the one that poses calm and carefree, almost with the head in the clouds and carrying our marble wallet with both hands?


We give special thanks to Romy Baiano (on Instagram @romy_baiano) and Christian De Santi (on Instagram @iltempodiunoscatto) for this funny and intense shooting.

You can see more pictures by Christian  at this link

and on his Facebook page.

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