August 29, 2017
It's been a while since our last blog update and we are really sorry for that, but we are coming back with a great photo-shooting session made by Francesco Guarnieri and Arianna Zumbo introducing our Metallic Round Tote Bag.
I assure you that this was worth the wait!

Francesco is a young and talented photographer but he's also a full time Architecture student at Sapienza University in Rome, now starting his 4th academic year.
He has many passions but the greatest is photography for sure, indeed his art name is PHrancesco Guarnieri.
His passion blooms on the day of his 18th birthday when he receives his first SLR camera.
From then on he literally sees the world through the lens of his camera working with the most interesting models of influencer industry.
Last year he even worked for RCS, PhotoVogue, and received the certificate from New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) after completing the course “Seeing through photographs”.
His website ( showcases some of his professional works and since December 2016 he's also been the director of the section "Scent of a Woman" in EDG, a Virtual Gentlemen’s Club founded by Umberto Cataldo De Pace
So he proves to be also a good storyteller and skilled artistic editor.
His Instagram account ( is growing rapidly in number of followers and likes, it wouldn't surprise me if it will hit 100k followers in the next few months.
Thanks to Instagram he has the chance to show his skills and interact with other professionals, companies or simple girls or boys to collaborate with.

This is how he meets Arianna Zumbo (, the model who poses for him in this shooting session.
She describes herself as a simple but very strong-minded and self-confident girl.
Arianna is studying to become a make-up artist and her dream is to work in the motion picture industry, she's determined and won't allow anything to let her down or stop her willing to succeed and improve herself.

In this shooting she's wearing a short and very tight white lace dress with long sleeves.

But the elegant-sexy dress is immediately balanced with the contrast of the sporty sneakers worn in great comfort with striped calf socks.

This, somehow, is also the philosophy of our Metallic Round Tote Bag that is both elegant in the external laminated material and casual in the internal included pochette.
Style and Comfort, Black and White, Metallic and Matt.
Metallic Round Tote Bag is here in the gun color but is also available in light gold, silver, rose gold and black (

Thanks for reading and see you at our next update.

I promise it won't be such a long wait this time!

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